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Most Expensive Marinas

 A significant and often overlooked cost that most boaters don’t really think about too often is the cost of renting a suitable nighttime berth at a first-class marina.

Like many things in life today, cruising around the world on your own private yacht has been getting a lot more expensive lately. Not that owning a yacht is inexpensive, but the high annual cost of managing and maintaining a yacht (estimated to cost up to 20% of a yacht’s total value) along with the rising cost of fuel worldwide has made an expensive pastime even more expensive. Granted, the cost of owning a ocean going yacht can be very high, but one other significant and often overlooked cost that most boaters don’t really think about until after they are out on the water and begin looking for a place to dock for the night, is the cost of renting a suitable berth for their boat at a marina.

The Wealth Bulletin, an online news service addressing the global wealth-management industry recently took a closer look at yacht ownership and concluded an analysis of the daily average rates at some of the best marinas around the world. The rates at most marinas are based on the size of your boat and the Bulletin’s research on the most luxurious and expensive marinas was based on the sample cost of finding a berth for a large ocean-capable yacht just over 200 feet long, as many marinas today are limited to handling boats less than 230 feet in length.

For comparison purposes, the research index of marina prices excluded any high demand dates such as those coinciding with film festivals, racing events, and other times of high demand. What the Bulletin found was that the best marinas are situated in the Mediterranean region and that it is not uncommon to see rates in that region as high as $4000 per night for a big yacht. However, special events like the Monaco Formula 1 Grand Prix race can push up the price for an overnight berth in a nearby ultra-luxurious marina to a staggering $20,000 per night. Although prices like that are the exception and not the rule, prices can fluctuate wildly during peak demand times, especially at marinas in the South of France near Monaco, St Tropez and Cannes. In conclusion, the Wealth Bulletin’s research found that the Italian resorts of Capri, Porto Cervo and Portofino topped the news service’s first annual survey of the world’s most expensive marinas today.

The top five most expensive marinas:

1. Capri, Italy.
 The Wealth Bulletin found the daily average fee in Capri is nearly $4,000 per night for the big 200+ foot super yachts. Located just off the shores of one of the most luxurious vacation spots in the Mediterranean region, Capri is so popular that boaters need to reserve a berth several months in advance here.

2. Porto Cervo, Italy.
Set on the exotic island of Sardinia, the marina at Porto Cervo has been in business since the 1960s. The average daily fee to berth here is about $3,500, with 60 of the large boat berths available. The price can get even higher depending on season and whether there’s a yachting regatta event in town at the time you stay.

3. Portofino, Italy.
Portofino is a very small and exclusive place to dock your yacht, and with just six larger berths available for the bigger boats, the prices are high at around $3,200 per berth per night.

4. Ibiza Magna, Spain.
Ibiza Magna only has about one dozen slips available for the big yachts at a daily rate of around $3,100. Due to the area’s reputation as a popular nightlife and vacation paradise, the prices climb significantly during times of peak demand.

5. St. Tropez, France.
Known worldwide as a millionaire’s playground since the 1950’s, St. Tropez has about 30 berths for super yachts that average around $2,000 per night. Like the other Mediterranean hot spots, the prices can double during peak tourist season.

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